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          This thing has four legs to stand, but sometimes it has three or two legs. It Suspended to the function. It can made from metal, plastics or glass. But usually, It is made of wood.

This thing has many functions such as for studying, eating, writing, and sometimes it is used to put ornament and make the room looks beautiful.

There are many types of table, such as writing table, dinning table, table of weights, etc.

Writing table is usually made of wood or glass, it’s usually used in the school, office or place for studying at home. It has many shapes like circle, square, triangle, etc. with various legs. And sometimes it has box.

Dinning table is usually made of wood. It’s usually put in the kitchen or backyard. And it’s made with a large shape.

Table of weights is made from metal, the function is to weigh something like flour, oil, etc. it’s usually used in the market, etc.




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